Well-being, ergonomics, variety of treatments – the couch

The IONTO-SPA Sensity combines all the advantages of a treatment chair with those of a table. The core of the design is the perfectly coordinated interaction of the two newly developed lifting columns with three divided cushion elements. This results in countless ad­justment variations. Together with the adjustment of the head rest, the perfect lying position for every height can be achieved. As a re­sult the treatment will be even more pleasant for customers. The arm rests can also be adjusted more easily, especially in a face-down position. For the first time the initial position can be made even more comfortable by lowering the foot section.


Efficient operation

In addition the couch can be used for both massages and for spa or beauty treatments because it can be adjusted to the right height every time and similarly the table provides the necessary stability for massages and the flexibility to enable the right position for the respective treatment for every client. The different settings can be saved so that different applications or clients can be quickly switched between.

Ergonomics for beauticians and therapists

The IONTO-SPA Sensity makes a new kind of uncomplicated work possible because it offers more leg room and the face as a treatment area is always easy to reach, even in the case of short people. It can be set more precisely to the practitioner’s height. It is controlled by remote control. Three memory buttons are preset ex works with important settings but they can also be reassigned. As a result the IONTO-SPA Sensity simplifies processes and allows concentration on what is important: working for the client.

Further features of the basic model:

  • Panel part white
  • Basic base white
  • Padding width 76 cm
  • pholstery Classic = harder (for example for massages)
  • Standard upholstery colors are selectable

Additional equipment:

  • Extendable castors
  • Head wedge
  • Control via touchpad
  • Light bar to make the couch look visually „floating“
  • The base is available in various designs. The attachable, also retrofitted storage space is equipped with a flap. It can be used for the storage of treatment-necessary materials for fast access. For the storage space, there are 3 versions in wood decor available.
  • Wider padding in 85 cm
  • Extra soft padding with viscoelastic foam
  • Soundmotion and Vibroacoustics
  • Heating
  • Further possibilities through Customizing

The unfolding miracle



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