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IONTO COMED Basic Line Kosmetikgeräte

Basic Line


With our essential line, you will be furnished with the best cosmetic equipment for providing daily treatment: From intensive cleanses and peels, effective cleansing and pumping in active substances, right through to scrubbing and gentle micro massage.


The IONTO-PEEL is a must in cubicle treatment for professional skin cleansing and peeling.

Brush cleaning
The rotating brush removes make up more quickly and thoroughly, as it is possible by hand and offers everything the customer desires: Gentle massage and delicately cleaned skin through to the pores.

Brush peeling
The certified beauty filament bristles of the IONTO COMED peeling brushes remove excess skin cells and cornification quickly, thoroughly and without any acids. Circulation will be stimulated in a natural way and the skin will be perfectly prepared for absorbing subsequent care products.


Herbal and aroma vaporiser

  • Immediately ready for use – extremely energy efficient
  • The water supply container holds 2.5 litres of water (sufficient for all vaporising cycles in a day).
  • A patented safety technology prevents water from leaking and protects you and your clients.
  • The vapour is enriched with oxygen in an elaborate process. This ensures an extremely fine and light vapour that the client will find extremely pleasant. The airways will therefore not be strained, even during longer vaporising times.
  • The easy to fill and simple to clean herb filter in the lid can be filled with fresh herbs.

The new Galvano treatment for deep skin regeneration and massage

Thanks to their extremely high conductivity, GALVANETICS press active substances into the tissue and massage the skin at the same time. Thanks to their bio-compatible treatment surfaces (medically tested), they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin. For deep penetration, two GALVANETICS are used together with the GALVANETICS Ultimate Youth Serum. After the serum has been carefully worked into the deepest layers of skin, the active substances contained it remain deposited in the skin. You will develop a slow-releasing, long-lasting effect and nourish the skin from inside out!