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Spa tables


Our spa tables offer the highest degree of functionality and are thus optimally suited for different spa applications in an institute or studio. By using quality materials and high-quality workmanship, our spa tables are exceptionally resilient and comfortable. IONTO-COMED’s spa tables are versatile and suitable for both cosmetics and massage applications.


Unique, sophisticated, economic

The IONTO-SPA Sensity offers an unprecedented range of comfortable positions for the well-being of the client. As a first for a couch, there is the option to lower the foot section, as with a chair, therefore making getting started even more comfortable. The ergonomics for beauticians and therapists are significantly better because they can be flexibly and precisely individually adjusted to height and treatment area, stored and retrieved.

  • highest comfort for spa treatments plus vibro-acoustic treatment options
  • unique lying comfort and ergonomics
  • optimally adapted to individual treatment requirements
  • extra soft and highly flexible cushion pad give off take to getting the good feeling of absolute relaxation
  • spa treatments in a class thanks vibro-acoustically treatment system
  • redefines treatment comfort for wellness and cosmetics
  • sophisticated elegance – ergonomically efficient
  • customizable design example by custom side panels or integrated color light module
  • optimal bed for spa and cosmetics
  • unrivaled in price and performance
  • ideal for focusing primarily on offering of treatments and massages in combination with facials
  • customizable in appearance and comfort of pad according to your wishes and requirements
  • new, elegantly dressed and highly flexible feel- deck with outstanding features
  • vertical height adjustment – ergonomically, elegant, functional
  • retractable armrests and steep back position
  • viscoelastic pad & extendable rollers
  • customizable design for individual freedom